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Even though you may have read stories online about folks who have made their dentures last 30 or even 50 years, denturists recommend that you replace your dentures every 5-10 years. It could even be sooner, depending on whether you have been taking care of your dentures properly or not. If you have been slacking on your denture care, then it’s time for you to read the denture care instructions below and incorporate them into your daily oral health routine asap. Ready? Let’s go.

Denture Cleaning Using a Denture Cleanser You might think that it’s a pain to clean your dentures daily. How much dirt or bacteria could have possibly accumulated in 24 hours, you might think? But you must clean your dentures using an appropriate denture cleanser every day. This will ensure your dentures last longer and don’t start looking less white and bright. Also, make sure not to use toothpaste or any random cleaning liquid to clean your dentures. This could damage your dentures and even bleach the pink parts white. Use denture cleanser and water to brush all surfaces of the dentures properly. Handle Your Dentures With Care and Finesse Make sure to place your dentures on a soft folded towel whenever placing them on a countertop. And also, fill the sink with water when removing your dentures so that if they do fall, they don't fall to the ground but into warm water. This should prevent them from breaking. Do Not Wear Your Dentures Overnight Do not leave your dentures in overnight, as your gum tissue needs a chance to rest. Before falling asleep, remove your dentures and place them in water or in the denture cleanser meant for soaking dentures. This will ensure they don’t dry out. Do not soak dentures in hot water, though, as this could warp them. Also, any cleaning solutions could tarnish the metal in your dentures, so be careful of what liquids you use on your dentures. Remove Your Dentures With Care Place your thumb against your front teeth to remove your top denture. Then press outward towards your nose and upward. This will ensure that your dentures don’t get damaged from you constantly taking them out improperly. Then, remove the lower denture applying a soft rocking motion while putting it. This will ensure that your dentures last a long time before needing replacement. Follow These Denture Care Instructions Without Fail Dentures are an investment in your health and self-esteem. That’s why you will want to ensure you spend the time, energy, and effort to take care of them. The denture care instructions might seem a little too stringent, but it’s necessary to follow them exactly so your dentures last longer, and your smile remains perfect longer. Looking for a denturist? Schedule an appointment with Parisien Dentures today to get a quote on full or partial dentures or dental checkups.



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