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Overall, Canadians have excellent dental health. From the 1970s until today, the number of people who wear dentures has decreased but still makes up 6.4% of the population. There are many reasons a person might need to have dentures or denture implants fitted. Accidents, injuries, gum disease, or tooth decay can all lead to a person having their natural teeth replaced with artificial ones. If you count yourself among the roughly 2 million Canadian denture wearers, then you'll want to know how to properly care for them. Oral health doesn't stop because you've got no natural teeth. Read on for some insightful tips for new denture wearers and to learn how often you should be seeing a dentist.


Your care and maintenance instructions will vary depending on the type of dentures you have. If you haven't yet had your dentures fitted and you're weighing up your options, then there's some information you'll need to know. Dentures can be made from various materials, and different types serve different purposes. For example, full dentures include both upper and lower sets of teeth. They're removable devices that are used to replace a full mouth of missing teeth. With this type of denture, the teeth are made of acrylic. Then there are temporary dentures which are dentures that tend to be fitted immediately after teeth are removed. These act as a stop-gap between the loss of your old teeth and the implementation of a more permanent solution. Finally, there are denture implants which are the most permanent type of dentures. These are held in place by artificial teeth that get implanted into the gums. You can, however, remove them if desired. HOW OFTEN TO VISIT THE DENTURIST

If you've got regular removable full dentures, you will want to see your denturist around every six months to ensure your oral health is adequate. There are other important reasons to go as well. When there are no teeth in the jaw, it will gradually shrink. This can cause dentures to become loose over time, which is something your denturist will want to keep an eye on. If you've got implant dentures, you can go a little longer between visits, as the implants will keep your jaw from shrinking as quickly and your dentures will likely last longer. That said, you'll still want to visit your dentist once a year for a checkup. When you've got temporary dentures, it will obviously be necessary to visit your denturist for checkups. You'll also need to determine what your next step will be in terms of a permanent solution. You'll need to also continue to care for your dentures at home between visits. Your denturist may provide you with some sort of denture repair kit to make this easier for you. DENTURE IMPLANTS CARE AND MAINTENANCE

Whether you've got denture implants, full dentures, or any other type, regular checkups need to be a part of your routine to ensure continued good dental health. If you're in search of a denture clinic in Windsor, look no further. Call Parisien Denture Clinic today to book your appointment.


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